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As seasoned speakers both on stage and in board rooms, we create custom talks to bring the Chinese consumer to life for your organization. Where you need a fresh voice for your annual conference or an external perspective in your meeting, our visceral storytelling will inspire your team and create a sense of urgency around how China will impact your business.


If you want to dive in deep on a topic, hire us to be your cultural detective. In just under 3 days (24 working hours), we’ll dig into the depths of the Chinese internet and relay the insights that we find on a topic of your choice. Whether it's getting a pulse on a brand, understanding the key terms being used to describe your product, or mapping out conversations, we will apply our digital ethnography experience to get you quick answers.



We love research projects that ask urgent and meaningful questions. For select clients, we offer a range of custom research services, from advising on research design, to conducting fieldwork ourselves, to consulting on insights. Our custom research will deliver insights that will shock and inspire you to redefine your product roadmap or even more, your entire playbook. Share with us the most important thing your team is trying to understand.


We advise companies on business strategy, consumer experience, and product/market fit. Our distinctive combination of deep local knowledge and global perspective allows your team to move forward confidently. We help you define not only your market strategy, but your entire business strategy in China, alerting you to the opportunities and challenges with connecting to consumers at every step. We are most excited to work with board members and C-level leaders who recognize the financial potential of the Chinese market.